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A 10-7 round is not possible unless BJ had been totally destroyed AND had a point deduction at some time during the round. Neither of which happened on Saturday night. BJ was dominated during round 3, yes, but it was a 10-9 domination, not a 10-8 domination.

As Matt told me yesterday while he was doing the blog, a fight would be stopped by the ref long before the judges would be able to score that round a 10-7.

If you want to see a 10-8 domination then just watch Matt's fight with Gil Castillo at UFC 40.
if any fight was a 10-7 it would be the first round of the maynard/edgar fight .. i scored that 10-7 ... but the judges scored that 10-8 ... i know they are two very different rounds .. based on that i could change my score from 10-8 to 10-9 for the 3rd, than i have the fight being a draw as i gave fitch the 2nd also ..
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