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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
GSP is easily one of the best P4P fighters in the world and arguably the best. I think it's ridiculous to say Anderson would destroy him. Beat him? Sure. But fighters at GSP's level don't get destroyed. IMO.
Short of a Hail Mary Serra punch, I agree.

I've said it before, I personally think GSP has the more well rounded skills. However, the difference in skill level is marginal at best. The size difference though, is significant. Four inches in height, close to 30 pounds in natural walking around weight, several inches in's just a lot to overcome! I think GSP could beat 95% of the middleweights out there, 9 times out of 10...but Silva is a different beast. And for those that say Silva isn't as strong as GSP just because they've seen clips of GPS doing chin-ups with 90 pounds strapped to him, and haven't seen AS training with weights, just remember how he threw Rich Franklin around like a rag doll in their fights, and we all know Rich is a beast at 185!

I'd be pulling for GSP all the way in the fight, but I'd be on the edge of my seat the entire freakin' time.
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