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Nice Crown BTW Foxy

There are many different Crowns and I chose that one especially for you. Its Called The Saint Edward is the Coronational Crown...or at least it was for the 1952 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

She sits in Saint Edwards Chair, which is actually quite a plain horrible looking chair, but it is the Coronational Throne. She sits down as Heir, and stands up after as Her Majesty.

During the Ceremony the archbishop of Canterbury will hand her various equipment which she must hold, these are relics and symbols of her administration. She gets an Orb, and she gets a Sceptor also...and then he will raise the crown above her and place it upon the soverign brow

So its like the HELLO Crown of Royalty...rather then for, example...a crown which would be put on top of a purple pillow and carried on the coffin of a dead monarch...I didnt think that would be appropriate for you.
I appreciate the time and effort you put into this crown!! I also enjoy the history of it.. Thanks Tyburn!!
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