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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
wowser some interesting results actually. Not a very high score for anyone due to most people not picking curt warburton or mark hunt....also with the exception of Miss Foxy...everyone else counted out both ebersole and siver.

Its for that main reason that Miss Foxy is a CLEAR winner with 8.5 (everyone gets a .5 for the stupid main event draw)

3.5 for Chris F, Vizion, rockdawg, and flo
4.5 for UFCfan2, Javi, and VCU
5.5 for Me, Brad, Llama, Bonnie, Wavetar and Countrycanadianboy
6.5 for AdamT
7.5 for RNC
8.5 for Miss Foxy

How did Boomer do? I know he didn't put his picks in this thread but he posted them somewhere on the Forum.. I'd be curious to see how it came out.
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