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fights aren't scored on damage if so it woulda been 10-8 bj 10-10 draw 10-9 fitch or they'd be scoring it today by seeing whose face is more swollen

even then i'd think bj won cause a broken nose is way worse than getting slapped around in guard for one round

there's no "easy" to it, when you say that you lose credibility

you can't really say fitch beat the crap out of bj AND say fitch smothers.... fitch smothered and bj was never really in trouble.... fitch was in trouble in both first roundsbj shoulda practiced some rnc's on matt
Exactly I was getting riled up, because when we were watching the fights and even people texting me they kept saying " sorry about your boy Penn." I was getting so pissed, because he didn't suffer too much damage..
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