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Originally Posted by rockdawg21 View Post
Proof that Fitch was robbed. 214/255 strikes vs. 24/48 strikes? Are you kidding me?

Like I was telling my friends last night, Round 3 was bad enough it could have been 10-7 for Fitch. Look at that! BJ had 0/1 strikes, 0 everything else while Fitch had 134/159 strikes land and got 1 takedown (what happened to takedown #2?).
But the UFC doesn't score the fight as a whole, it's round by round. Now, if CompuStrike or FightMetric would have shown a clear 2nd end in favor of Fitch, then I can agree with the argument of him being robbed. Otherwise, I think the judges got it right.

Also, when was the last time anyone got a 10-7 rnd? Honestly, even when GSP dominated BJ for 4 straight rounds like that, it was never a 10-7.
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