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Round 3
Sotiropoulos catches a kick, but can’t spin Siver down. The Australian stands in the pocket now and pumps his left jab at Siver, who’s still working the leg kicks. Sotiropoulos catches another and, instead of trying to take Siver down, punches him in the face. A kick and one-two from Sotiropoulos has Siver going backward into the fence. Sotiropoulos shoots a single-leg from way out and gets stuffed, then eats a three- or four-punch combo from Siver. Sotiropoulos’ corner tells him he has to get a takedown. Siver finally lands his spinning kick, but not quite flush. The leg kicks really appear to be bothering Sotiropoulos with a minute left. Nonetheless, he’s putting his jab in the face of Siver, who connects with a right hand over the top and another side kick at the horn.

Official scores: The judges at cageside have it 29-28, 30-28 and 30-27 in favor of Dennis Siver.
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