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Round 2
Fisher scoring with hard right hands in the opening minute, moving forward on Pearson, who answers with leg kicks. Fisher doubles up beautifully on a straight left and snaps Pearsonís head back. Thudding body kick by Pearson, who follows up with a stiff one-two. Pearson is bleeding from beneath his right eye and grinning at Fisher, who grins back. Another double-left hand by Fisher cracks the Brit. Pearson comes inside and eats a right hook, but manages to tie up. He muscles Fisher into the fence momentarily, until Fisher shoves him off and fires a level elbow. Pearson scores with a right hand and fires a body kick, which Fisher catches. The clinch works out for Pearson, though, as he lands with a few uppercuts. Another hard right from Pearson, who turns the tide in the final minute of the round.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Pearson
Chris Nelson scores the round 10-9 Pearson
Mike Whitman scores the round 10-9 Pearson
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