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Round 2
Ring pawing with a jab and landing leg kicks while Fukuda hunts for power punches. Ring lands a nice right hook and Fukuda tries to shoot, but gets stuffed. The next takedown is successful, as Fukuda plows Ring right into the base of the cage. Ring shoves him off, turtles and works to his feet, where he drills a knee to the midsection of Fukuda. Fukuda scores with an uppercut and Ring retaliates with a left hand over the top. Fukuda tries to shoot on a jab and Ring sprawls. The middleweights clinch and Fukuda gets the better with knees up the middle. Ring still landing leg kicks and trying to work combos, but Fukuda is staying out of range. Fukuda is checking the leg kicks now. Fukuda comes forward and ties up to hurl a barrage of uppercuts.
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