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Anthony Perosh vs. Tom Blackledge
Round 1
John Sharp is the referee for this 205-pound bout. Blackledge flicks out front and low kicks in the first minute before Perosh rushes in for a shot. It comes from too far out and Perosh falls on his face as Blackledge sprawls. Blackledge, in turn, slips and falls on a kick attempt. Another takedownt try from Perosh fails, and he instead rushes at the Englishman with a combo, one of which lands. Perosh goes for a double leg and gets caught in a guillotine from Blackledge, who pulls guard. It’s not very tight and Perosh extracts his head and moves to side control. Blackledge catches an arm on one of Perosh’s punches and tries an armbar, but Perosh defends well. Blackledge winds up on his belly and Perosh quickly jumps on his back. After a few punches, Perosh slips left his arm underneath Blackledge’s chin, squeezes and forces an instant tap. The hometown fighter Perosh is the winner by rear-naked choke submission at the 2:45 mark.
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