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Default ***UFC 127 Spoilers***

Curt Warburton vs. Maciej Jewtuszko
Round 1
Front kick by Jewtuszko, but he misses. Another head kick misses. Both fighters are extremely cautious in the early going. Warburton lands a punch and gets a takedown. On top in guard, Warburton with elbows the head from guard. Warburton passes to half guard. Jewtuszko is active from the bottom. Big right hand from Warburton from the top in half guard. Jewtuszko uses good leg movement to get back to full guard, but is greeted by a sharp Warburton right hand. 10-9 Warburton.

Round 2
Spinning-back fist by Jewtuszko, but he misses. Uppercut by Jewtuszko as Warburton steps coming forward. Warburton lands a solid right hand. The fighters clinch against the cage and Warburton get a takedown. Jewtuszko rolls for an ankle and gets back to feet after failing. A hard low kick connects for Warburton. Jewtuszko find his target with a flying knee. Another uppercut lands for Jewtuszko and Warburton gets a takedown into half guard. Back in full guard. Punches by Warburton to finish the round. 10-9 Warburton.

Round 3
A spinning-back elbow connects for Jewtuszko. Jewtuszko is being more active, jabbing the head of his prey. Nice one-two from Jewtuszko as he waves his hands, wanting action from opponent. Jewtuszko comes forward with punches but gets thrown to the ground into side control. Jewtuszko gets to his knees and stands momentarily before being put back down. Jewtuszko on his back as fight ends. 10-9 Jewtuszko.

Official decision: 29-28 on all cards to Warburton, the winner by unanimous decision.

(compliments of Sherdog)
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