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I have to agree.. with the way Baby Jay has been acting in interviews.. bringing Matt down in style.. and such... I have been warming to him lately.. I have always like Fitch.. so I think I am still pulling for him.. but Penn has a real good chance of taking this one. I think Penn just needs to stay at LW and work his way back to a title shot. Bouncing back and forth in weight classes gets on my nerves.
if anyone can do it, it's BJ .. he is neither a natural LW or WW, he is more of a natural 165 er ish .. so he can comfortably go up and down with out many issues .. the problem (not so much in this fight as fitch is now vegan) is that most ww's cut from high weights making BJ smallish in the weight class ... they should make another class call it BJ Penn .. 165
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