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ďItís exciting having BJ back in the division. Heís one of the best in the world and to think of him as a potential opponent in the future is fantastic and itís exciting for me. Itís something to aim towards.

It was nice to see him come out so well and aggressive against Matt Hughes and itís always nice to watch Matt Hughes get knocked out.I think the Fitch fight is a tough one to call. Fitch is a big welterweight, he is strong and he likes to grind out the fight and he is good at controlling the fight.

On the other hand, I think technically, BJ has got the edge with the boxing and the ground game. Itís a real toss up that one, itís difficult to call.

If Jon Fitch can stay disciplined and not make any mistakes he might be able to grind out a decision but at the same time at any point I think BJ can finish it so itís tough to call.

Iíll be watching it and Iím looking forward to it.Ē

As part of our ongoing UFC 127 pre-fight coverage, BJPENN.COMís Pedro Carrasco caught up with welterweight contender Dan Hardy to discuss his thoughts on Pennís move to 170. It was during this discussion that Hardy also shared his thoughts on not only the move in weight class but the pending match-up between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch.

While Hardy takes a neutral stance on the UFC 127 main event he does favor ďThe ProdigyĒ in the technical aspect of the fight.
Fitch is no longer a "big welterweight" his guys said he is walking around at 176. Not sure how if at all his strength is affected by his new veggie lifestyle. It works for some but most of those who it works for ar enot known for their size advantage but technical prowess.
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