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I've never heard a pastor give a date or even a year, but I have heard a lot of "It's coming soon". Personally, that seems like they're trying to scare people into some type of action.
That is what the bible says Mike. It says be ready because it will happen like a theif in the night and if you are not ready you will get robbed. Or when the groom comes and you are fubling round looking for oil for your lamp you will miss the wedding. Not scare tactics just plain common everyday bible truths. What is false is when they say the exact time. Like in the 80's some wrote a book I think it was called 88 reason why Jesus will come back in 1988. The same guy wrote a revise later The book sold 300,000 copies the year it came out. His revise was not so well received. Jesus taught we can know the season and that like Noah we will have some ready time, but to make a bold prediction on the date is false teaching
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