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yeah i guess maybe i did know what i was doing....

but you can't change the fact that he predicted the rapture and advised abortion, i don't think he is really someone you should idolize, if i were you i would really reconsider who i blindly defended and followed

how is acknowledging facts "smear"ing him? Don't you think everyone should be aware of a pastor's actions? If I asked everyone what they thought about faith healers and then "revealed" that benny hinn is a faith healer, would i be smearing benny hinn?

i'm sure chuck smith is a nice guy and i am sure he is even a believer, i am not sure however that he should be a pastor or listened to or looked up to, i mean look at how you take his word as gospel and defend him to no end, and also note that i am not calling him out as a christian or as a nice guy, but as a pastor, and when you are in a position of leadership i think you ought to be held to a different and higher standard

I could care less if you come on here and state something, you aren't claiming to be a pastor, neither am i for that matter, but someone who claims to be appointed by God to deliver His Word ought to be held accountable for his or her actions, i mean if you get on the radio and solicit people to call so you can give them Godly counsel it seems to me that you should be above reproach, and going very adamantly on the record as to say when the rapture will occur does not seem to be above reproach

I suppose it was a little underhanded for me to "reveal" him as a false prophet only after you unknowingly condemned him but i am pretty sure there are alot worse things that have happened on the internet

isn't that what nathan did to david with the little lamb story.... so i don't think i exactly sinned here
again it happened thirty years ago.

I have no unknowingly condemned him. I disagreed with him predicting the rapture. I DO agree with his stance on that particular abortion.

I know you can't resist the urge to simply say Chuck Smith endorses baby murder but look at the facts there chief.

This was a very specific event and whether you agree with it or not is without consequence. There is scripture for both arguments.

He is AGAINST abortion.

Please stop running around stating half statements trying to paint the man with •••• covered paint brush because you would rather endanger your wife for a lost cause then do the intelligent thing and take the helicopter God put to pull you off the roof.
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