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Default Is the Jon Fitch Camp Concerned with His New Vegan Lifestyle?


Luke Thomas catches up with Kenny Florian who gives a somewhat surprising insight:

"I know you mentioned him walking around at 200lbs, that is definitely the case. However, I just was with him at the last UFC in Vegas [UFC 126] he's actually walking around at 176lbs. He's a vegan now. He's 100 percent vegan. He's changed his whole lifestyle. And the first thing I said to him 'Man, you're looking pretty darn skinny' and he said, 'yeah, I'm a vegan now and I'm 176lbs right now'. That is actually I hear maybe even a concern with people in his own camp."
Fitch has made a career of being a grinder with an unending gas tank and an unmatched work ethic. That's not to mention the size and strength advantage he typically enjoys over his welterweight opposition. That advantage was thought to grow twofold in his fight against B.J. Penn, a dominant lightweight but one who's found only moderate success at 170-pounds. If Florian is to be believed, that may no longer be the case, but is this really cause for concern? After all, fellow 170-pounder Jake Shields has enjoyed quite a bit of success throughout his career, all the while maintaining the vegan lifestyle Fitch has just recently undertaken.
If being Vegan leans him out so much, we might see Fitch drop to LW.
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