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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
I was one who did!! It wasn't to step over your "position" of siggie thread maker either.. Last fights you did not have access to internet and the fights were closing in. I don't give a mpf about the siggie bet. I was curious to see who wanted who to win. I didn't see a thread so I asked SW who he was going for. It was that innocent.
well fantastic. Now he can do all the rest cant he.

You know its not that someone else did an event that I wasnt here for...thats fine...its when they then assume they can continue without consulting me...and then when I go about my business, various people post crap about "hyjacking" or cant be arsed to copy and I dont have to spend all morning trying to collate.

Its the lip...which hasnt come from you at all on this particular subject...but my time is tight, and I am beggining to feel unwelcome, unappreacited and generally bullied by a good proportion of the regulars on this forum....and as a Moderator that is not just rude, its insulting. I do this for free...I dont get paid for it...I do it because I love this forum...but I have to say that in the last year or so its been getting to the point where all I end up doing is being frustrated. I have enough of that at work.
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