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Originally Posted by NateR
Mark Hughes

Also, Matt Lindland is a Christian, even though I was kind of shocked to learn that.

Randy Couture is supposed to be a Christian, but he's not really showing the fruits of it in his life right now (married to a woman that he cheated on his first wife with).
Wrong, actually (never thought I'd be able to say that to Nate!). On Thanksgiving break his first semester in college, Randy knocked up an ex-girlfriend. He then married her. After a while, he got bored with that & cheated on his wife with Tammy, a fellow coahc at OK St. Then that started to get old, so during TUF 1, he met Kim & started cheating with her. Tammy found out & got pissed, so Randy divorced her & married Kim. So here's Randy's record:

1) Pre-marital sex
2) Extra-marital sex
3) Divorce
4) Marries mistress
5) Extra-marital sex
6) Marries mistress
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