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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
Dave, you presented a point of view, I presented mine. You offered a rebuttal & I offered mine. If you think I'm so blantaly wrong, then show me how & where. I'm sorry if my opinions upset you, but at least I'm honestly expressing them & offering to debate with you, not tossing out back-handed comments while responding to someone else's post.
You offer your opinion, I offer mine.

Sometimes I sugar coat things more then others. When I hear that its an opinion that the United States doesnt really need its allies, I wonder about how that might make those who have been killed for standing up with you feel. I myself was in London when Terrorists Bombed us, because we stood up with you. You will excuse me if I find your notion that you dont need, and therefore truely dont give a care about your allies as abhorant when they are dying for YOUR cause.

I also told you already, your Allied strength isnt so much in the troops you can use from your friends, but their Countries that you can use in order to get close to the fight, in order to get TO the fight...havent you been listening AT ALL to the Star Wars stuff thats going on in Eastern Europe? In Order to get coverage for YOUR protection, you need US to act as hosts for your listening are trying to befriend Eastern Block Countries...Russia doesnt like it...If Russia can convince, by turning on and off the gas the Eastern Block that its livelihood depends of Russian supplies...then they will tell you where to go...and YOU cant get coverage without them.

Perhaps you forget I live less then half hour from Menwith American Stronghold IN MY COUNTRY, for YOUR else do you think you have advanced notice of incoming missiles???

So...why bother trying to be tactful with someone who gives no regards to their Allies and honnestly thinks they can do it on their own...and rather then just shyte stiring with Andreas...perhaps you answer the conundrum I give you.

Without your Host do you get coverage and protection for yourself? Without your Host Nations, how would you GET your troops TO the fight quickly enough to be effective??? So if your honnestly debating, answer my points?
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