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Originally Posted by KENTUCKYREDBONE View Post
Alot of Folks use that Scripture wrongly! I think they use it wrongly on purpose. I had somebody throw that Scripture out in a discussion on Homosexuality. I told them I wasn't judging but I was saying that engaging in Homosexual behavior was wrong. I never said they could not be saved. I did and still say that behavior is morally wrong and should not be endorsed in any way shape or form. I do not see where pointing out wrong behavior is judging! Judge not means we don't get to decide who can and can't be saved. Only God gets to decide that! Now I do want to say that we should not be mean to the sinner though. That could hinder them in getting delivered from their sin!
Exactly! And pointing out sin is not condemning someone or saying that they will not recieve salvation.

We can (and are commanded to) judge actions as to what may or may not be sin. We are only commanded not to judge someone's salvation.
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