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I think that it was obvious that eventually the Religious would tarnish Christianity in exactly the same way that the Religious Tarnished Judaism just prior to Christ in Chronology.

Its easy to blame the Fall of Rome, or the Enlightenment for this, and say that without an overarching denomination the seeds of were spread...or that a word free from secularism and modernization would bring us closer to GOD...and those have contributed...but the truth is...the Roman Catholic Church is guilty of extraordinary sin and corruption and lack of faith in the unification of Science and Religion...that really and honnestly, life under them is as GODless perhaps as life now.

The only time that the Church has lived up to its calling was under Abraham, Moses and Aaron, King David, and the Messianic Jews recorded in the Book of The ACTS of The Apostles.

The Jews Failed, Rome Failed, Protestanitsm is Failing. What we need is a global revival, or the Tribulation...either would do.
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