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Originally Posted by bradwright View Post
i'm not a Dana fan at all and things like shelling out 20 grand to save a child and then telling everyone
that it was you who did it is more of a self serving move then a compassionate one,dont get me wrong i think its great he did it...
but i would be more impressed if we found out some other way other then through one of his employees. .

Well.. what is it?? Dana told everyone he did it.. or one of his employees?? I don't recall him making any statements about this at all.. and even if he did want to blow his own horn for it.. nothing wrong with that.. "to a degree"... McD spent something like $500,000 on an ad campaign talking about how they donated 100,000 to local charities... or so I "heard"

I get very tired of people bashing on the guy.. he has a foul mouth.. that's pretty much it... and he draws peoples attention to him.. and him being the "Grand Pooh-Ba" of the biggest and best MMA company in the world.. does nothing but help the sport...
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