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Originally Posted by Crisco View Post
I love me some DFW.

Dana is the man and I don't care what the haters say. Any dude that shells out 20 grand to save a child he didn't even know is ok in my book.
Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
He met with a guy here in NYC that had helped apprehend a maniac on the subway that had stabbed 4 and killed 2 or 3 people. he suffered some major stab wounds himself but took the dude down and held him until cops could assist.
Dana took time out to meet the guy (who was a huge UFC fan) gave him a bunch of stuff and invited him and his wife to sit with Dana at Evans vs Jones.

Now, I'm a huge Fedor fan, but this vid is ridiculous. Trying to present Dana as someone who can't run his company and doesn't know anything about fighting is ridiculous.
I agree with y'all. The man may have a foul mouth & do a little line-smudging for his business, but he's a great guy & clearly cares a ton for his fans.
Originally Posted by TENNESSEAN View Post
i must have missed this, you have a link?
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