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Originally Posted by Neezar
Dave, are you saying that two things have to be exact or that they have to be created in the same way to properly use them in an analogy?

If you are then I disagree.

Can an analogy not refer to just one function or relation of two things?
The point is WAMMA and UFC have never had any relationship, they grew completely independantly of each other. The UFC doesnt host, dones perform any function has absolutely nothing to do with WAMMA

The U.S has a lot to do with the UN, it part created her, part manages her, hosts her etc

So the analogy of saying that the whole rest of the world is Hollow is crap...especially when the US IS part of the United Nations...its heavily involved in it, always has been. See...I doubt you've even read his artical in the first place, so you dont know exactly what a propergandar machine that was in the first place.

...I dont go out of my way to insult...but when someone like Ben starts to say that really the United States doesnt need her allies...thats just bloody rude, especially when she does.
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