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I felt has been hard this week...coz of it I've not been eating right...then I got the sniffles, and that along with my stupid shampoo bursting in my sports bag made for a crappy week at the gym to...and I cant say its been brilliant on here for me this last week either.


I located the problems, and have found solutions to each one...and I sat tonight and watched a really fantastic film starring Kate Blanchet who plays the part of Elizabeth I in a war against the Roman Bishops....and now I feel like I can take on the whole world all at once

This is a trailer for the film I watched can tell EXACTLY where this film was shot, due to the HIGHLY distinctive Cathedral Pillars. (at 1.03)..No Ladies and Gentlemen, that is NOT Westminster Abbey...only ONE Cathedral has pillars like that. Durham.

...and this is the film that continues it, and her battle against The Spanish Armada

All based on a true story...of course
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