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Originally Posted by Tyburn
...and heres why the analogy doesnt work.

America jointly set up the United Nations

WAMMA wasnt created by the UFC,
Dave, are you saying that two things have to be exact or that they have to be created in the same way to properly use them in an analogy?

If you are then I disagree.

Can an analogy not refer to just one function or relation of two things?

I would think 'yes'.

That is why you fail to discredit the analogy.

Sometimes it seems like you take any opportunity to turn something totally unrelated in it's original context into something to support your political agenda (which usually feels like it is bashing the US).

note: This is where you usually throw in how you are biased and favor (US) Americans. It reminds me of a saying here in the south. You can get away with saying anthing mean as long as you end it with 'Bless your heart.' (Ex. "You sure got your Momma's ankles, didn't you? Bless your heart." ) It is almost like you think you can insult the US in anyway imaginable as long as you say 'but I love her.'
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