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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
At the time, those were definitely upsets.
Agreed. In most of the cases where you look back at a fight & say "That wasn't a upset, they're both great!", the underdog became recognized as great because of that fight.

Randy was seen as an old & washed up HW taking a last gasp at LHW when he fought Chuck. Chuck had been running through everyone & was considered the de facto champ for years since Tito kept ducking him.

When Randy beat him, that's what catapulted Randy over the top & made everyone realize he was still legit.

BJ was supposed to be this phenom at LW, but failed to get the belt twice (as I'm sure Dave will happily outline for us ), but it wasn't until he jumped up in weight & handled Matt in the 1st rnd that people really started listening to the hype around him.
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