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Originally Posted by billwilliams70 View Post
Either way, I don't see how posting that many fights can be construed as BJ bashing. Just my two lincolns.


I highlighted the ones that were important to me that I would class as Upsets IF they involved Jens, or anyone from HIT Squad.

If I had wanted to pick on Penn...I might have highlighted all his the two where he lost against Frankie Edgar...and if it was Pro Pulver...why would I highlight the fact that of all the upsets...the one considered the worst of all highlighted was a Pulver LOSS

If I was remotely trying to do, what ive been accused of here...then im about a current short of a fruit cake arent anyone can jump to that conclusion from that list, is absolutely and utterly beyond me...and I find rudeness like what was posted after that list as being unspeakably ugly...there was just no need to...what was it "pro-pulver BS" ???!! "Crybaby thread" I mean thats uncalled for, when all ive done is copied a list and highlighted those I think are important.

I dont like rudeness, and I dont like being falsly accused.
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