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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
The more people like you discount his fight against Matt the more you discount Matt..
I don't think so....

It's hard to gauge anything off of a fight that lasted as short as Matt's last fight did. It's not taking anything from either fighter. BJ threw 1 good punch.... Matt got caught by it...... It doesn't really show us anything about either fighter.

GSP completely dominated BJ to the point that BJ quit... call him a cheat, greaser whatever... it changes nothing. Vaseline didn't destroy BJ, GSP did. Since his loss to GSP his ONLY WW fight was a quick flash KO of Matt. I just don't think that makes him extremely relevant in the WW picture.

GSP also completely dominated Fitch. Dominated the guy who a lot of people on this board were just POSITIVE would beat GSP. Nope. He out out worked and out wrestled the "rising star" of the WW division. Since that defeat Fitch has gone 5-0 in the division with all 5 fights being a decision victory. The only WW of any relevance to the title he beat is Alves IMO.

A GSP/Fitch fight makes more sense to me than GSP/Penn but the simple truth is GSP has completely cleared out the WW division. The UFC is really running out of options. Now they're just looking for a fight they can sell.
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