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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Then why, after all that, and losing so many times in a row, is his popularity and stock STILL rising??

When you can explain that, you will be able to explain why Jens Pulver is one of the most significant people in the Sport...and, just like Randy Couture, Record, Skills, ability...has suprisingly little to do with it. When you can explain why the 155lb division, 145lb division, and the 135lb divisions have been excepted, and infact tooted as equal to heavy weight, or welterweight in depth, and excitement, and draw, then you will be able to explain, why Jens Pulver...and why not BJ Penn, or Urijah Faber, or Miguel Torres. Forget, for one moment the UFC, and think of the sport as a whole, and as something that will get bigger and be going on in 70 years time...and ask yourself some questions about todays "Greats" and ask yourself if they will be one of MANY indistinguishable Greats, and ask yourself, who will history remember and why. Penn loses twice to Edgar, and people call for his head...Same with Fedor...ask yourself why, after falling gazillions of times, tumbling out of the institution...why Jens Pulver hasnt become a long lost nobody. Why is he still current and relevent, and why do people still like him.

...and dont you dare tell me what has to stop here.
Dave, I'm not commenting on anything here concerning Jens or BJ or whatever, but I am going to agree with bj44 on one thing:

This thread is supposed to be about Vitor & Anderson. It's one thing when threads go off on tangents about one comment or another, but when comes in and completely hijacks & derails a thread, it's pretty frustrating for the rest of us. I keep thinking that I'm going to see more news about Vitor, but instead I get Jens news.

You know I love Jens & I would love to read about Jens. But keep that to a thread about Jens. It's just common courtesy.
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