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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
I told the truth. I Do not believe that BJ Penn is better then him in anyway, he may have different skills and tallents, but wholistically, he is not above Jens...and Jens shouldnt think that way either. He shouldnt allow his negative self talk to do that

I'm not a "yes man" type of guy, Spiritwalker. I'm not going to aggree with everything just because I love him. Love is the ability to see peoples faults and still feel the same way...its not the ability to ignore someones faults, always aggree with them, become a groupie....I am not a groupie

He spoke after that in the car park of how much he appreciated my support and all the stuff I have done for him, and all the vocalization and the reviews...he even mentioned Jens The Budgie
How can anyone rationalize jens pulver being better then bj penn... His two title defense in the ufc??? Bj has that!!! Plus a ww championship to boot... Was it th fact that he got knocke sensless anytime he fought anyone good outide of the ufc in his prime like ludwig, gomi, or sakurai... was it his awesome wec run??? Jens pulver is about as relevent in mma history as Frank shamrock... Skillset wise he isnt even as good as that.. Hes a brawler type with mediocre wrestling skills!!!

Ps i dont like to talk bad about jens i respect his fighting spirit but the hijacking of any thread of a fighter you dont like to talk about jens has to stop
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