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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
lol.. I wonder what Jens was thinking? I would have hid the knives from the table!!
I think, if I recall, he momentarily paused, and then tried to back up his claim with fact. I had to aggree with the facts, but not that the facts concluded Penn was better...and then I explained why, and we got talking about Him and Randy Couture, and how they have a special place in the eyes of the fans.

No...the real damage..if there was any...was when we first met. I have a history of issues when it comes to meeting fighters, I never know what to say until the conversation is in mid flow. So when I got over the shock of who had just sat down, I turned to him and said "do you know who I am" and as soon as I said it, I said "that came out a bit wrong" and he laughed, and said that, yes, he knew exactly who I was...

Now it was much easier with Rich Franklin...because before I could say, do you know who I am (because we email each other...but that doesnt mean he knows what I look like if we ever met) he said he recognised me from my videos
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