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Default prayer list

most of you will probably know that I have a prayer list which covers online people. I have a special prayer list which is pretty much monthly, and is specifically for those people who asked me for prayer last year...and I have a big general prayer list which covers all unsundry maybe once every 6 months (on that list I pray for four people twice a week, as opposed to two people daily for the other five days a week)

on that prayer list I have TWENTY NINE spaces...sooooo if you want to be added to it, either PM me, or put a response in this thread...if you are a regular then your probably already on it...but if you are new to the forum in the last might not be...sooo if in doubt please speak up and I'll check for your name and add you if you are not there.

All that happens is that one your particular prayer day, you may get sent a small blessing, or perhaps a bit of scripture, via PM and maybe a note on your visitors page
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