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Originally Posted by bryan2213
I was just watching some Submission of the Week clips on and one was Gonzaga. I've seen a few suggestions by people here on whether it would be a difficult fight for Fedor to fight Gonzaga given his BJJ skills if he ever gets to the UFC. That made me think of really turning it up a notch to someone who has nasty skills from what his fights have shown. I thought I'd solicit opinions. So what do you think Maia vs Fedor ? My first thought was Fedor kills him standing, and it a slight advantage for Maia on the ground.
Fedor raped Nog's guard so i see no problem with Gonzaga's or Maia's. even though Maia is better than Nog in BJJ, not necessarliy MMA BJJ, but he isn't so much better to where Fedor would have problems. plus Fedor weighs about 55 pounds more than Maia. Fedor probably has the best sweeps off his back and the best guard defense in the game.
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