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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post

"I'll fight Rampage right now. I almost fought him the other day. I seen him at XS. We got into each other's face for a little bit and then this fool had the nerve to hit me. He slapped me (in my face). I slapped him back and then the bouncers came. That was that. He ain't a fool, he knew what he was doing. Sometimes people have different personalities and uh, he shouldn't be playing with me touching my face."

Former light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans tells the folks over at MMA:30 that he and proposed UFC 130 opponent Rampage Jackson got into it in Las Vegas following UFC 126 and their feud continues as they look towards a possible rematch.While speculation is running wild on the status of Thiago Silva (originally scheduled to face Jackson at UFC 130), insiders have been reporting all week that Rashad Evans is expected to recover from his injury that caused him to pull out of his title fight against "Shogun" and will look to stay in contender status with a win over Jackson in Silva's absence. One of the most marketable feud's in recent memory, Jackson vs. Evans II looks to have already left the "Hype station" in route to another million plus PPV buys.
I expected him to say, "I pity the fool!"
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