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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
ok, so if I interpret passage "x".. one way.. and you interpret the same passage a different way.. who is to say which is more correct? Even Biblical scholars and leaders of various churches can't agree.

If I say.. "Thou shall not kill"... means.. no killing.. not even state sactioned killing... and you say.. "Thou shall not kill".. doesn't include times of war.. is that you or I fidning a way to "squirm"?
lets take it a step further..... thou shalt not kill..... what?

animals, people, plants? bugs, viruses, bacteria..... are antibiotics murder?

does it have to be alive to be killed? if you shut off an engine rapidly via direct grounding of the ignition system, is that killing?

how about thous shalt not steal, are baseball base runners sinning? are people who propogate pics they didn't take theives?

you all know i am trying to be ridiculous, and i know that most of the people with these "interpretations" have a hidden agenda they are promoting
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