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Originally Posted by Dethbob View Post
The Bible itself says that it is the word of God. It is our responsibility to interpret the Bible, not with the intent of finding ways to squirm out of moral responsibility, but with the intent of finding and conforming our lives to the will of God.

There are different translations, not different versions. I think we’ve covered this before. The OT and NT are two parts of the same thing; the Bible does not outweigh itself.

ok, so if I interpret passage "x".. one way.. and you interpret the same passage a different way.. who is to say which is more correct? Even Biblical scholars and leaders of various churches can't agree.

If I say.. "Thou shall not kill"... means.. no killing.. not even state sactioned killing... and you say.. "Thou shall not kill".. doesn't include times of war.. is that you or I fidning a way to "squirm"?
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