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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
Yes I have been to several.. I was at UFC 3 in Charlotte...2 modern UFCs, (going to be hitting a 3rd REAL soon...shhhhh)..... and a bunch of BAD small shows.. and a few good ones... Pat's Center 2 years ago (??? really two years??? Amy???) was the BEST production I have ever been to.. for a small show.

I was talking about people watching the screen.. when they are right there.. don't get it.
LOL, I see. Well, in Dallas Cowboys stadium, you don't really have much of a choice, you could see the punches and all, but the view is nothing compared to those huge TV's. Here's our view from the 1st row on the 3rd deck for the Pac/Marg fight (look at the tiny ring in the middle):

Of course, this fight had more than 41,000 people there, when you're that far away, AND you have a 90 foot HDTV, why not watch the HDTV? However, I'd imagine at most of the places where the UFC has fights, it'd be easy to see the fighters at any viewpoint. I've been to the Spurs games and there are around 18,000 people and even at the top of the stadium, it's very easy to see all the action.

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