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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
LOL... Well I'm about 50/50 on PPV's. It's rare I order them. Too much $$. I can pay $60 to order it and watch it at home or I can take my son somewhere (Buffalo Wild Wings) spend $30 on food, watch the fights in a pretty fun atmosphere and come out ahead $30.:

Oh I totally agree with that!!! But in Detroit and here in Charlotte.. I couldn't belive home many people who were at the event.. were watching the Big Screens. I get the PPVs half off.. so .. but if I had to pay full price.. yeah.. would be much more BWW nights...

So if it's a good fight we go out to eat and watch it.. if it's a crap card we stream it and eat at home. However not that ICE seized our main site to stream from we'll probably be going out a bit more.
ohhh... I am telling Daaaaaaannnnnaaaaa!!!!

Oh and BTW... if the sports bars you're going to don't have people watching in their underwear and drinking till they're blue in the face then you're going to the wrong places!!!

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