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Default Interesting!!!! Five by Five

Five by Five: The UFC is 'probably' going to implement five-round main event non-title fights

According to UFC President Dana White at yesterday's UFC 129 press conference:

"We've talked about it before. There have been fights that we were watching that have been three-round fights like 'Damn, this should have been a five-round fight. It's the main event and it should have been five.' Yes, we can do it. we can make a main event a five-round fight and we're probably going to start doing that."
Five-round main event non-title fights may go a long way in proving who the better fighter is, but does a championship bout then lose some of its luster if there's nothing to distinguish it (besides the title) from a standard main event? Let's hear your opinion on the last three-rounder that should have gone five and then cast your vote in the poll below.
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