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Three days after UFC 126: Silva vs. Belfort, Belfort has talked with reporters about the front kick that landed square on his jaw and ended his night before it really had time to begin.

Here is what Belfort had to say about Silva’s training and the kick that rocked his world (via

"Look, that kind of kick is very hard to catch, it’s also hard to fit it too, but he did it. He can use this kick, but the way he did is pretty difficult to, but he did it. I believe you only get lucky if you train. He trained and got lucky. But I think it’s something that if he tried to do in ten fights he would only be succeeded once (laughs). He deserved it. I was doing fine on the fight, I was winning it, but I wasn’t lucky to fit that punch, I missed it, that punch on the ground was really powerful. If it hits him… But it didn’t and his kick hit me hard, it was his night, I can’t help it. Everything I promised to do, I did. I didn’t get the win, but it’s part of the sport. I’ll get my chance. We’ll work now so I get it the next time."

With Silva regaining the title of pound-for-pound best fighter on earth after his KO of Belfort in the first round last Saturday, “The Spider” now looks to solidify himself as the greatest fighter of all time. Yushin Okami and Georges St-Pierre are both in talks to fight Silva next, so where does that leave Belfort? Will Belfort even get the chance to fight Silva again? We didn’t really get a chance to see his skills shine in the fight, so hopefully “The Phenom” returns to the Octagon shortly. The question now is, where does he now sit among the UFC Middleweights?

Belfort states that the Silva kick was lucky, and we can probably all agree that luck and timing both play large factors in the sport of MMA, but time and time again we’ve seen Silva dispose of his opponents with seeming ease. So after 13 straight wins in the UFC, I think it’s safe to say there is something more than luck streaming behind Anderson Silva’s strikes.
My "beef" with what Belfort said is in bold. How can he really believe he was winning? Neither fighter had really done ANYTHING up to that point. It was over a minute into the fight before anyone even threw a real punch. I don't think that was lost in the translation either.

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