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They say it humble..I don't recall Matt ever saying another fighter got lucky.. Ryan Bader said it best this weekend in regards to his fight... He said "Sorry guys was a bad night I'll learn and will come back much better."
He did not take any credit away from Jones win. I personally feel Vitor is discounting Andersons awesome kick. I guess I read in between the lines, but it's cool I ain't arguing or trying to get you to change your mind. Just my perspective on this subject.
I think you're both wrong! This is all a setup by Dana White to sell more PPVs and get all our money so he can just pass out title shots to whoever he wants with no good reason and build a secret army that he will then use to take over the world and force us all to watch as GSP gets appointed president of the northern hemisphere and Anderson Silva gets appointed president of the southern hemisphere all the while both still being employed by ZUFFA!!!!!

but, hey, thats just my take on things.
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