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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Ok, so it looks like I may have just lost money!

Here's the original question/answer:

However, here's something that i think is very important to keep in mind:

That's from the page info on It's a Brazilian magazine/website, hence the original language for all their posts is Portuguese. This means that everything we're reading is a translation and therefore has lost a lot of it's original flavor and meaning. Just look at the unnaturally narrow vocabulary used by Vitor. It's indicative of a someone using the simplest & most common meanings of a word for ease of translation.

Whatever, this is just my opinion. Foxy, you certainly don't have to agree with me, but I think that Vitor was just saying what Matt, BJ & all other great fighters say when they lose: "Sorry to my fans. I was doing everything I wanted to, but I got caught. He was just the better man tonight."
They say it humble..I don't recall Matt ever saying another fighter got lucky.. Ryan Bader said it best this weekend in regards to his fight... He said "Sorry guys was a bad night I'll learn and will come back much better."
He did not take any credit away from Jones win. I personally feel Vitor is discounting Andersons awesome kick. I guess I read in between the lines, but it's cool I ain't arguing or trying to get you to change your mind. Just my perspective on this subject.
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