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Originally Posted by Buc Nasty View Post
And Silva's injured ribs!
Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
That's not entirely true. If he was injured after he already passed the physicals the commission wouldn't know about it unless he told them. Fighters withhold injuries all the time for obvious reasons. For one, they don't want the fight canceled, and two, they don't want their opponent to know before hand.
He didn't look like his ribs were injured when he immediately jumped up off the ground when he won.

Anderson obviously has a good chin (reminds me of BJ in that) so I don't think Georges can hurt him. I think Georges will take him down and hopefully Anderson will sub him; otherwise he is just going to be laying on Anderson with little effect. GSP couldn't sub Hardy as much as he tried; he won't sub Anderson. Hopefully, they'll be on their feet long enough for Anderson to do his invisible "I KILL YOU" woo doo and the next thing we see is toasted canadian bacon.
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