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I posted this under the story about Dana White and the Japanese fighter before I saw this topic. I think it goes better here...

I would like to see a side by side picture of GSP and Silva. is blocked at work so I can't check their height and reach right now. And I would like to know their walk around weights. At this point the UFC is going to have to do something drastic to get fans to keep buying Silva's fights, I think. I wouldn't buy a fight just to see him. I think more people buy with hopes of seeing him lose and it is starting to look like that is not going to happen with anyone from that weight class now. He just ends up being on a card with people I actually care to see fight. I actually think a matchup with GSP might be boring. Both of them are so technical. One thing GSP has going for him that I think makes him one of the few that have a chance - his focus. Even in a mega fight against Silva, i don't think GSP would get a single bit rattled. I see fighters get in the ring with Silva, engage, and then completely forget to fight smart once things get going. I don't see GSP doing that. His focus is top notch.

I don't even think making him fight GSP is the way to go. There are other options. Make him move up or do a catch weight fight with Shogun. Or Rashad. My husband is convinced Jon Jones could KO Silva. I'm not even sure about that. I do know this - I'm sick of seeing him win. His fights hold little entertainment for me anymore.
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