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I love've decided to embrace the fact that some people are haters!

We are making progress...

Now, as for the odds of the rematch happening, I would say it's a good chance that it happens at this point, but not set in stone. First off, the fight with GSP is what everybody wants to see, and that should be top priority providing that GSP beats Shields.

Chael's future is up in the air at this point. He needs to sort out his legal issues and worry about beating his next opponent, whoever that will be (and it won't be Anderson). Then, should Sonnen find himself right back in line for a title shot, it all depends on where Silva is at that point. There is no guarantee that Anderson is even still fighting come this time next year, or whenever it is that a rematch could be logistically worked out.
If Sonnens first fight is near the end of the summer, then your looking at 1 or two key wins, which pretty much puts another 8-10 months to another fight with Silva, and honestly I don't see him being around for that long.
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