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Originally Posted by logrus View Post
Dear Sonnen,

In case you haven't noticed, Strikeforce has a womens championship you could possibly fight for. All you would have to do is stop taking your testie shots and you could take on Cyborg, who oddly is also taking.

As for Silva, in case you forgotten, on your best day with your best game plan could not derail Silva who was having one of his worst and he still beat you. Not only that be he beat you with less then two minutes remaining in the fight. If that ain't the worlds biggest choke then I don't know what is.

To make matters worse you tested positive for elevated testosterone. So even adding in the unfair advantage on your best day, you choked, literally.

I know what this is, its a cheap ploy to stay relevant, your still facing suspension time for cheating, and the UFC called you an idiot and told you to get your straightened up, by the way, did you notice that you have lost three times, 2 court cases and a title shot.

In closing, shut up, actually beat somebody when you come back, and in case you fogot I mailed you a lil picture..


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