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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post
But if it happens.. you will see GSP doing his normal "stick and move" to win a fight.. and many people will find that VERY boring.. (I am not one of them)

And we all know that GSP won't go for a KO against Andy... But I would love to see Andy stick his chin out and ask to be hit... then GSP KO him BAD... but no.. that won't happen.
Even Freddie Roach can't help GSP stick and move on a guy who longer and just a MUCH better boxer. GSP will try to take Silva down and do what Chael and everybody else has failed to. However, you are right, GSP is NOT KO'ing Silva. Something else people don't seem to mention very often is that Silva has shown over time to have one of the best chins in MMA.
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