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Flew in Thursday, (Will post pics tonight or tomorrow) bag stolen.
Ran around, got tix eventually for the closed circuit.
Met a TON of fighters and people, from Eddie Bravo to Kristof (Spelling?) and Belcher, Tito, etc...
Everybody was really cool, and I got a lot of birthday drinks.

Met some girls who's birthday it also was at mcdonalds at like 3am, partied in our rooms, fun fun fun.
Well, the most fun you can have while having to make it 4 days with one pair of socks and underwear.
The weigh ins were nuts, Brenden Shaub (Spelling?), Belcher, and McGee did the autograph signings, went to Wand's gym, met Melvin Guillard in the casino and BSed us up, his bodygaurd is literally the biggest human being I have ever seen. Easily like 6 foot 8 and 400lbs, just off the top of my head, he wouldn't let me take a picture (The bodygaurd, Melvin took a bunch with me).

So yeah thats about it, flew home today, showered and put on clean clothes lol.
Should have just gone commando!
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