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Originally Posted by Vizion View Post
Bollocks that! It would be a letdown because the hype would be overwhelming.
So what?

It would be a fight deserving of the hype. These are arguably the number one and number two best pound for pound fighters in the world. You say it would be a huge letdown if it ended in first round KO, but isn't that against the mantra of what so many "fans" whine and cry about? Isn't that the kind of "killer instinct" people want to see out of the fights they spend their money on?

Sure he has, he's the ONLY PERSON TO DOMINATE ANDERSON in the UFC. His embarrassments are subjective at the least
Sonnen fans/Silva haters need to let it go already.

When the best thing about a guy's career is a fight where he performed well but still got choked out, it's safe to say his fanboys are grasping at straws. His embarrassments aren't subjective, they are embarrassments no matter how you cut it. If you are gonna talk big, you gotta back it up, and losing is not backing it up no matter how fanboys try to spin it. Then, the outside stuff like the testosterone and money laundering are just icing on the cake of failures over the last year.
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